APT Complete

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    The all-in-one wonder. Richer Colours. Less Algae. Faster Results. 10X more potent1 that conventional fertilisers, and carefully balanced to limit algae. Unlock the true potential of your planted tank today!

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    1 Compared to Flourish comprehensive, APT per dose/volume has ~20 times the potassium, ~100 times the phosphates, ~10 times the nitrates, ~10 times the magnesium. To get an equivalent dose of 5ml APT complete, you would need to combine ~8ml of Flourish potassium, ~14ml of Flourish phosphorus, ~2ml of Flourish nitrogen & lots more- iron, traces, magnesium etc.


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Above: a fast-growing 'farm tank' using APT Complete. Aquasoil is used as substrate, paired with additional root tabs for faster growth of 'blood vomit' and the red Eriocaulon quinquangulare.

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Unlock the full potential of your planted tank today!

Above: a slower-growing nature-style diorama using APT Complete. 

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