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T5 bulb: 6500K neutral White

2Hr Aquarist Commentary: ​Wavepoint has several choices (the Amazon picture featured here may look yellow but the specifications would be 6700K). The Giesemann Tropic bulb is good too. The key difference between using these bulbs (vis a vis everyday home-lighting daylight bulbs) is the better spectrum distribution in these horticultural bulbs. Many household bulbs have large spikes in the green spectrum (which human eyes are more sensitive to) while we would prefer spikes in red and blue for plant growth and which also give better colour rendition. 

Note that this is a 3rd party product sold on Amazon that I have used or have experienced to a degree that I'm fully comfortable to recommend. If you do buy the product through the Amazon link below, I do earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you), which helps in the running of this website.

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