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APT Keypoints

How is APT different?

Real results.
Plants grown the 2Hr WayTM using APT display a unique richness and form.
APT came about because we could not find any existing product that met our needs.

I don’t need such power?

Even for the simplest tank, good plant health helps prevent algae and keep fish happy.
APT ensures your plants get 100% of what they need.
Healthy plants, happy fish, algae-free.

I’m happy with my existing fert!

Sure thing!
As aquarists ourselves, we say ‘whatever works’.
The right performance fuel just makes it easier and (we find) a lot more exciting.

Really 3X Savings?

APT Complete contains the 3 macro nutrients Nitrogen(N), Phosphorus(P), Potassium(K) + Iron(Fe)
+ Essential Trace Minerals. Importantly, in the right amounts.
You can buy these 5 individual components (e.g. Potassium) for around US$15 each.
5 x $15 = $75.

Tell me more!

For more details on the APT range of fertilisers, go here.