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Eheim Pro 4+ Filter

2Hr Aquarist Commentary: The main advantage of this series vs cheaper ranges like the Eheim 2217 are its additional features.

This range has very silent operation with in-build on/off flow valves and its priming pump allows the filter to be set up and taken apart for maintenance easily. The quick release flow valves allow the filter to be taken part easily while the media trays allow media to be organized and cleaned easily. These are the additional features over cheaper models such as the 2217. However, the additional engineering also means more flaps and joints that can get damaged or worn out. As the build quality is good, this take many many years to occur. The engineering also incurs additional costs.

Note that this is a 3rd party product sold on Amazon that I have used or have experienced to a degree that I'm fully comfortable to recommend. If you do buy the product through the Amazon link below, I do earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you), which helps in the running of this website.

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